CEO and executive team


Our CEO is in charge of the management of the company’s business operations by the instructions given by the Board. By the Articles of Association the Board of Directors appoints the CEO and decides the terms and conditions of his executive post.

Olli Väätäinen started as the Chief Executive Officer of the company as of April 1st, 2017. Väätäinen has been a member of Solteq’s Board of Directors since 2015. Väätäinen (Master of Science (Econ.), b. 1966) has worked since 2015 as Chief Operative Officer (COO) and member of Management Team of Kotipizza Group Plc. Väätäinen has a wide experience acting as a member of Board of Directors, CEO and advisor in various IT- and service companies since 1990’s.

Executive Team

The Executive Team assists the CEO to prepare business plans, to supervise, in the operative management of the company and it prepares matters to the Board to handle.

Ilkka Brander

Year of birth: 1976
Education:  B.Soc.Sc, MBA
Main occupation: EVP, Core Business Solutions
Essential work experience: S-Verkkopalvelut Oy, CEO, 2011-2016; SOK Consumer Goods, Director, 2009-2011; Sokos retail chain, Group Manager, 2005-2009.
Member of the Executive team since: 22.11.2016
Current key positions of trust: SGN Group, Member of Board of Directors; Saarioinen Oy, Member of Board of Directors

Matti Djateu

Year of birth: 1975
Education: –
Main occupation: CDO
Essential work experience: Scotch & Soda
Member of the Executive team since: 16.6.2017
Current key positions of trust:-

Kirsi Jalasaho

Year of birth: 1974
Education: M.Sc.(Econ.)
Main occupation: VP, People, Culture and IR
Essential work experience: Solteq Vice President, Marketing and IR, Descom CFO
Member of the Executive team since: 2017
Current key positions of trust: –

Juha Rokkanen

Year of birth: 1969
Education: BBA
Main occupation: EVP – Digital Services, Sales & Clients
Essential work experience: CEO, inPulse Works, 2016-2017; Managing Director, Innofactor Finland, 2013-2015; CEO, atBusiness Oy, 2006-2013; Sales Director, WM-Data Novo Oyj, 2003-2006
Member of the Executive team since: 12.6.2017
Current key positions of trust: –

Martti Nurminen

Year of birth: 1979
Education: M.Sc.(Econ.)
Main occupation: CFO
Essential work experience: CFO, Affecto, 2016–2017; Finance Director, Johnson Control, 2013–2015; Group Controller, IBM Global Technology Services, Europe, 2011–2012
Member of the Executive team since: 18.4.2018
Current key positions of trust: –

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