Operating environment

Competitive advantage ensured by in-depth customer and technology insight

As the digital transformation picks up speed, the demand for digital services is increasing across all industries and customer expectations are growing.

The significance of optimising digital customer engagement and ensuring a convenient user experience is constantly increasing across all industries. Recognising this, we decided to specify our strategy and expand our business environment during the review period. We are a Nordic industry-independent IT provider and software house that specialises in digital business solutions.

Through acquisitions made in 2017, we expanded our operations into the Utilities sector (electricity, heating and water), which is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, as well as strengthened our market position in the Nordics.

The market is prepared to pay for a good user experience

The accelerating digital revolution has expanded not only our business area but also the markets. Solutions related to digital services are now offered by a variety of providers in addition to traditional IT companies, including agencies specialising in design, marketing and service design.

As the range of services available in the market becomes broader, customer requirements and expectations increase. Digital services are an integral element of efficiency in daily life, and their benefits are now understood better than before. The market is prepared to pay for a good user experience and innovative solutions.

For Solteq, this creates significant opportunities for leveraging our in-depth understanding of customers and technologies as well as our insight into the future. Few operators have the ability to provide the comprehensive service offering that Solteq possesses. Having further strengthened our expertise and introduced new tools last year, we now have the capacity to help our customers provide superior services.